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Project Goal

Humans currently share the Earth with 8.7 million other species. Unfortunately, because of human activity and destruction of ecosystems and mass ecocide we are in a biodiversity crisis.

Many scientists assure that if we continue on this path in seven decades, we might lose half the species of life that inhabit this planet. This will push tipping points in every ecosystem on Earth. In order to have a chance against the worst-case scenarios of the climate crisis, we need to change the way in which we relate to the natural world.

By protecting and reintroducing keystone species we promote a resilient ecosystem. This initiative has a huge potential for carbon sequestration and adaptation measures.

The purpose for this project is to include Rights of Keystone Species into global constitutional amendments and bills to change the current legal paradigms and structures that perpetuate anthropocentric language and destruction of life on Earth.

We seek to be allies for those species with no voices or legal representation by working with human allies that can move this forward in a timely manner to preserve life on Earth.

The Rights of Keystone Species will be a subset of the existing legal framework Rights of Nature. 

The direct impacts of biodiversity loss are reflected on our health, food and water security and our ability to adapt and mitigate climate change.

Healthy keystone species including but not limited to, coral reefs, mangroves, wolves, bears, pollinators, big cats, star fish are our only hopes to maintain the health of our planet and the people that inhabit it.

Without these species we will lose all life on earth that no technology will be able to reverse. This coalition is coming together to change laws, paradigms and agendas so that we honor, serve, preserve and regenerate the living world, so that future generations can have an earth to inhabit.

Our Team

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Pooja Sharma

Director of Legal Advocacy and Policy


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