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Our Board

KSA is proud to add passionate individuals who want to support the organization through their expertise and personal interests. As we scale in size, we understand the importance of building a collective with individuals coming from different backgrounds and lifestyles to push the KSA vision forward. Our alliance aims to identify, protect, and restore keystone species, and we aspire to use those tenets in collaborating with like minded individuals from the offset.

We firmly believe that an organization is only as strong as its team members. Together, our work as a cohort moves the needle forward in inspiring spiritual strategy with every move, creating impactful change and developing groundbreaking advocacy measures on behalf of keystone species globally.

Shirin Huntis

Shirin Huntis an intuitive healer, counselor, and teacher with over 30 years of experience in her expansive work. Shirin is considered one of the Oracles of INCF, as well as serving as the chairwoman. Her life inspiration as a healer compliments her dedication to philanthropy. Coming from a dynamic international background Shirin’s work incorporates the quantum healing techniques of ThetaHealing TM, Native American systems of Spirituality, and Hawaiian Mysticism. Her ability to connect with people from all walks of life plays a crucial role in her work with the community.

Knowing that all true healing comes from the Creator and is expressed through love, her approach leaves individuals infused with love and touched by the “divine.” Shirin’s previous positions include the Co-owner and Chief Operations Officer of Arrowhead Industries. She graduated from UCSD in 1990 with a degree in Psychology.

Chief Tamale

Chief Tamale Bwoya is the Grand Chief (Mugema) in the Buganda Kingdom (E.A). He supervises cultural activities, serves as spiritual arbitrator, and facilitates rehabilitation and purification ceremonies. He co-found several cultural and traditional medicine institutions at local and national levels and participated in formulating a legislative system that governs traditional medicine in Uganda. He is a Board of Director and consultant on spiritual and chieftaniancy matters with Prometra Uganda. In 2012, he received a divine message (The Revelation of Laikipia) addressed to the civil and spiritual chiefs across the globe to resume their sacred duty to care and guide life on Earth.

He has attended several culture, interfaith, and spiritual gatherings across the world and occassionally speaks on our spiritual and moral obligations to mother Earth. He is an essay contirbutor to the book of spiritual ecology and the sacred seed.

Chief Tamale has assisted the KSA team with expanding their mission to include spiritual, cultural, and material elements – “Man needs to be educated about the importance of nature and our laws need to reflect our responsibility to protect life on Earth.”

Marina Dojchinov

Editor, gallerist and keynote speaker. Guest lectured at Parsons School of Design, White House Institute of Design, and London University of the Arts.

Marina Dojchinov is an successful entrepreneur who began her career in the media industry at a young age. She since worked her way to become one of the top editors, journalists, gallerists and notable keynote speakers in her field, with a strong background in curation, writing and editing.

Marina is credited with being among the youngest editor in chief for Promo Magazine, and among the youngest contributing editors for international publication Vox.

Marina’s entrepreneurial drive culminated in the establishment of 3Squared Gallery in Chelsea Manhattan. Over a significant span of six years, she spearheaded the curation of groundbreaking exhibitions that left an indelible mark on the art scene. Transitioning from her impactful role in the art world, Marina embraced a new frontier by co-founding Imagine Meta, an AI tech startup.

Owing to quick industry success Marina was invited to guest lecture at multiple universities and Ivys lecturing to students about journalism and art history.

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